Josie Duncan

"With perfect diction and vocal control, Josie Duncan is a real story-teller as well as a fantastic folk singer." - The Herald.


Lalala - Welcome to my blog! This is a monthly blog on which you will find:

  1. Upcoming performances
  2. Upcoming releases
  3. Things I'm particularly excited for
  4. One song recommendation by an artist or band I've been listening to
  5. One Glasgow gig recommendation (One I am going to or wish I was) 


February has been an adventure. The month started off with Pablo & I launching our album at Celtic Connections followed by two more Celtic Connections shows with Blasta and Pablo, a couple of folk clubs and a tour.

It wasn't a 'normal' tour for me, though. I was touring with a play called 'Deeds Not Words' in which I was playing music by Mary Ann Kennedy. The play explored what happened when Hebridean women got the right to vote a hundred years ago, and how they were marginalised by gender as well as geographically. It was a really cool thing to be involved in. We toured the Hebrides and were, unsurprisingly, surrounded by breathtaking beauty the entire time. It was a new experience with a cast of only 3 actors, myself and a crew of just 2. I have learned so much about the incredible stories of these women and about how theatre is staged. That being said, the theatre can be a scary place for a wee folky, so I did spend some time zipped up inside my clarsach case taking a norrag and listening to the new I'm With Her album. However I really did enjoy it. It is good to step out of your comfort zone from time to time after all. 

This was straight after Celtic Connections with no break between the two, so I'm planning on living like a house cat for the rest of this weekend, prioritising naps and food. 

I'm taking a wee bit of time next month to write some songs, to do some recording and to rehearse with a couple of brand new projects. One of which will be showcased at the end of the month. Here's where you'll find me in March: 

  • 4th March - Mad Hatters, Inverness - INYAL HIGHLAND LAUNCH
  • 5th March - Broadcast, Glasgow - INYAL ALBUM LAUNCH
  • 13th March - Song Session - Dukes Bar, Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow
  • 24th March - Gaelictronica - CCA, Glasgow



This month INYAL released our self titled album. 

We had a lot of fun recording this album in Pathead at Mattie Foulds' Caribou Recording. It's available to listen now on Spotify, itunes etc. You can buy a physical copy on our website. 

I have been with Inyal since January 2017. We have a lot of laughs and silliness together, so I'm not quite sure how we managed to end up with a full length album. But somehow we did, and I hope you like it. 

The Morning Tempest

The Morning Tempest by Pablo & myself has had a lot of lovely reviews and been played on many radio stations, including Radio 2. 

Northern Sky Mag by Alan Wilkinson 

Folkwords by Tim Carroll

Liverpool Sound & Vision by Ian D Hall

Folking by Su O'Brien

Folk All by Danny Farragher

lalala thanks to all! It's so lovely that people take the time to listen, let alone to think about it and even to write about it. I feel very grateful. 


The Highlight of February for me was touring the Hebrides. It's so lovely to be taken there for work. I flew from the soft sands of Barra to the concrete landscape of Glasgow with some sea shells in my pocket, a bottle of Harris gin in my bag and lovely memories. 

Song Recommendation

This month, I'm going to recommend 'Lark in the Clear Air' by Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy. I urge you to listen to the whole album, though. It's stunning, thought provoking and comforting all the same time. I saw the show 'Wind Resistance' at Celtic Connections in 2017 and it felt like the audience floated out of the show on a cloud. The album warrants setting time aside for listening to in one sitting. 

Gig Recommendation

This month I am going to mention a gig that I think is very special for a number of reasons: 

HEISK, Leyla Josephine and Jenn & Laura-Beth - 8th March - Old Hairdressers, 8PM

This gig is special because it is celebrating International Womens Day. 
This gig is special because it is the first ever gig by HEISK. 
This gig is special because it is by my wonderful friends. 
This gig is special because it will sound tremendous. 
This gig is special because it will feature spine tingling spoken word. 
This gig is special because it has two of my favourite things: Songs and harp. 

So go!

Also - If you fancy having a wee sing or hearing lots of songs, please come and join me at my Song Session on the 13th of March. You are more than welcome along. Even dogs are welcome, whether or not they can sing.  

Lots of love,