Josie Duncan

"With perfect diction and vocal control, Josie Duncan is a real story-teller as well as a fantastic folk singer." - The Herald.

April & May

Lalala - Welcome to my blog!
This is a monthly blog on which you will find a wee update on:

1. Performances

2. Releases

3. Things I'm particularly excited for

4. One song recommendation by an artist or band I've been listening to

5. One Glasgow gig recommendation (One I am going to or wish I was)

I have had a lovely busy time over the past couple of months, so much so that I forgot to post my April blog post! So I will do some catch up work in this post. 

April - 

I had a very fun Birthday which seemed to last for days, visiting family and friends around Scotland and feeling very fulfilled. The sun has been a most welcome visitor in Glasgow! I had a few trips to the Gleneagles hotel to sing with Gnoss, Pablo & even a wee song with the mighty Rura. I gave my first ever public talk through in Edinburgh and was part of a panel event. We discussed gigs and performance opportunities in the folk/traditional music circuit. The conversation was mostly centred around Folk Clubs and there were some interesting and also some unexpected viewpoints raised. I believe that sharing and talking is good and that it is important to be able to disagree in a friendly way. I really enjoyed the day. In the evening LB, Mike Vass, David Foley, Tina Rees and myself did a small performance followed by Mr Pete Coe, who was also the key speaker at the event. After this, Pablo & myself performed at the Catstrand, New Galloway with two incredibly lovely and talented pals, Signy Jacobsdottir and Innes White. This was to promote the upcoming 'Knockengorrach' festival, at which I will be performing with Inyal. I also taught at Feis Fhòirt at the end of April which is always great fun.

On to March


I have just returned from tour with Mr Pablo Lafuente. I am very tired but also very grateful. The tour ended on a high note at Wadsworth community centre, with a hall absolutely full of kind people and a real sense of community and togetherness. It was so sweet to see and to be a part of for one night. We couldn't believe the turnout! The tour only lasted a week but we certainly covered a lot of miles in Pablo's Charcoal Ford, which I have come to know very well now. We performed in London, North Wales, Glasgow and Yorkshire and crowned Tebay our favourite service station. Each night was completely different to the last but each night was great. No disasters, a very calm and lovely time. 

INYAL will be performing at knockengorrach this Friday the 25th of May! We are so excited and for me this is the start of festival season. 2019 has shaped up to be a really exciting one! 

I'm excited for...

In June, I am delighted to be visiting Jersey in the Channel Islands for another concert with my duo buddy, Pablo. I visited one of the smaller Isles called Alderney as a child and I remember being in shock that the sea could actually feel warm! It looks like a truly beautiful place and I am so looking forward to seeing and singing on the Island. Jersey Arts Centre, 29th of June. 

Song Recommendation

My song recommendation this month is 'Run Run Run' by fellow Leodhsach (someone from the Isle of Lewis) Colin Macleod. His new album 'Bloodlines' was just released this month and it's brilliant, loads of variation across 12 self-penned tracks. He has such a wonderful voice and the production on the album is also stunning. 

The song is very reflective and dreamy with subtle electronic percussion paired with beautiful acoustic guitar and swooping keys/pads giving that give a bit of a country vibe. A culmination of different influences. The lyrics are simple and poignant like so many of the best songs are. Gentle songs such as this aren't often 'catchy', but this one was going round my wee head after I listened to the album. Definitely check him oot. He is doing some really exciting gigs this year, including supporting Cheryl Crow & Van Morrison! 

Check Colin out here! - You can buy or listen to the new album 'Bloodlines'! 

Earlier in the year, we were lucky enough to have Colin sing on The Morning Tempest.  It was also so great (and cold) to have a video made at home on Lewis by one of my favourite humans, Mr Hamish Macleod. Check out the video we made!

Gig Reccomendation

It's now a year since I performed my final recital at the CCA as part of my degree at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I think the way they do it is so great. They call it the 'Recital Festival' - and it's basically a week of free and excellent music. So I'm going to recommend the recital festival now. As well as getting to attend lots of free gigs, it is important for these guys to have support in their recital to make it feel more like a gig and less like an exam. The festival is run by the mighty Jenn Butterworth who is a superwoman. 

 The festival runs from the 27th of May - the 1st of June. 

Go along and support my insanely talented pals! I'm excited for them. 

 Lots of love,


Josie x