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"With perfect diction and vocal control, Josie Duncan is a real story-teller as well as a fantastic folk singer." - The Herald.


Lalala - Welcome to my blog!
This is a monthly blog on which you will find:

1. Performances

2. Releases

3. Things I'm particularly excited for

4. One song recommendation by an artist or band I've been listening to

5. One Glasgow gig recommendation (One I am going to or wish I was)



My highlight of the month was Gaelictronica at the CCA. Signy Jakobsdottir, Hamish Macleod and myself put together a brand new set for the night. We used vocal loops, percussive loops and 5 synthesisers to make a full sound. Signy is a really unique musician so it was a real treat to work with her again after Pablo and I had her at our album launch in February. Releases Pablo and myself made a brand new video with the wonderful Bees Nees Media for our song 'Thug Mi'n Oidhche', which will be released soon. The track features Robbie Greig on fiddle, Conal McDonagh on whistle and Charlie Stewart on double bass. Robbie and Conal were away on tour at the time of filming, so we had two wonderful musicians/models step in for them. This was Ali Levack and Graham Rorie (Graham is also on the album). Really looking forward to showing everybody this video, it was fun to film.

I'm excited for...

In April, I'm excited to be returning to Feis Fhoirt and teaching lots of lovely kiddos again. Pablo and myself will also be preparing for our May tour! I can't wait to perform in Wales for the first time. The Song Session will be on the 10th of April at Dukes Bar (Old Dumbarton Rd). Last months was gorgeous with songs flowing all night long. I remain a humbled, happy host. 

Here's a wee video about the Song Session: Song Session Video  

Song Recommendation

My song recommendation this month is by 'My Ship' by Gnoss. I first heard this song on the album 'Choice Language' by Capercaillie, so it brings back memories of walking to school with my giant "portable" CD player from Woolworths. There are a lot of beautiful versions of this song out there, Ossian being a prime example. 

Gnoss totally made it their own. The band is Aidan Moodie on Vocals & Guitar, Graham Rorie on Fiddle & Mandolin, Connor Sinclair on Whistles and BVs and Craig Baxter on Bodhran. This song is from their new EP 'Brother Wind' and is made up of top class vocals and a really cool story-telling arrangement. Unlike other versions, the accompaniment doesn't remain as soft and sparse throughout, they manage to build the tension of the story really effectively. I'm a huge fan of these guys - I studied alongside them at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, so I've heard them a lot over the years. Their approach to traditional/folk material is really thoughtful but accessible at the same time. Plus, sometimes I get to sing with them which is always very fun. 

Listen to the song here!

Earlier in the year, we were lucky enough to have the bands own very talented Graham Rorie join us on fiddle and Mandolin on The Morning Tempest. 

 Gig Reccomendation

There's always so much going on in Glasgow music wise, that it's difficult to chose just one. What a lovely problem to have! But I did chose:

 Eric Chenaux + Signy Jakobsdottir - Glad Cafe, 14th April

 After working with Signy Jacobsdottir again in March, I really want to hear more of her. She's performing a solo set at the Glad Cafe on the 14th of April, which is also my Birthday! It will be an incredible gig and it's a wonderful venue with delicious food. Signy's dynamic percussion is something special to behold.
She's opening up for composer and songwriter Eric Chenaux who pairs his flawlessly smooth and haunting jazzy voice with synthesisers and effects on his guitar. He's a wonderful lyricist, too. I'm excited to hear him live and not just on spotify!

 Lots of love,


Josie x